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“Making the employment & entrepreneurial system more robust”

We are a one stop innovative solution provider for all your professional needs - from helping you become more employable to helping you launch your startup. India’s leading startup for A-cadre facilities in schools and colleges across the nation, rated as Top-30 educational startup of India in 30under30 category of higher education management by Brainfeed.


We envision a sustainable robust employment ecosystem by ensuring that every youth is either generating jobs or is capable enough to get a job.


'Brilliance is equally distributed. Opportunities are not'. We setup our world-class innovative labs facilitated by Rankethon trainers to ensure every school kid gets an opportunity to learn, innovate, research and make products which seem impossible to the outside world

Our innovation labs in colleges cater to all professional needs of college students. A student can learn and research under our research and robotics hub, another student might do our corporate training courses to become industry and job ready, another student might develop a unique innovative cool product, or some other student might work on her/his startup idea and seek our help to from ideation to execution phase. In short, we are a one stop solution for all college students.

Are you a private institute tired of teaching redundant boring courses? Develop Rankethon’s franchise lab within your premises and teach students innovative courses which are a demand of the industry with the help of Rankethon’s amazing trainers..


Robotics Club for innovation and robotics lovers

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