Temperature dependent Automatic Cooling device

Rankethon Anywhere robotics project Temperature dependent Cooling, the course contains the detailed tutorial to guide you step by step for making a device which will operate your fan on the basis of room temperature.
The project is very compact and uses a few components only. It can be implemented for several applications including air-conditioners, water-heaters, snow-melters, ovens, heat-exchangers, mixers, furnaces, incubators, thermal baths and veterinary operating tables. The project will help save energy/electricity.
This is certified course which includes temperature sensor module use and arduino complete tutorial.
This is certified Project which can be used as science project, engineering project, professional project, developing prototype, enhancing robotics skills etc.
Note - Small donation amount is taken only for analyzing and providing you certification on the basis of task done by you whereas video tutorial and programming provided to you is completely free of cost


Temperature sensor tutorial, Arduino tutorial & Motor operations