Home Automation

Rankethon Anywhere robotics project Home automation, the course contains the detailed tutorial to guide you step by step for controlling electrical appliances at your fingertip from anywhere in the world.
The main objective of this project is to develop a home automation system using an Node MCU board with Internet being remotely controlled by any Android OS smart phone. As technology is advancing so houses are also getting smarter. Modern houses are gradually shifting from conventional switches to centralized control system, involving remote controlled switches. Presently, conventional wall switches located in different parts of the house makes it difficult for the user to go near them to operate. Even more it becomes more difficult for the elderly or physically handicapped people to do so. Remote controlled home automation system provides a most modern solution with smart phones.
This includes andorid app, database development and complete nodemcu tutorial.


Android development, Database development basics, Nodemcu tutorial, IOT and Android App